Don't Die Wondering

April 6, 2011
IDW MIX by Don't Die Wondering

I’ll Die Wondering

In Tumblreality, the only thing that is real is the tumble. Posts tumble like real troopers in a sequential line in a blue boxed exodus out of sight into the comfort zone of other pages. Songs I’ve loved on pages 5, 19 and 33, in the next few days will tumble to pages 7, 21 and 35, respectively. Rediscovering a post page 97, the bandwidth of which is now long expired, can bring an unexpected tear to the eye, like finding a dusty old yearbook in the attic. The point here is not to get all teary eyed but rather to coin the term Tumblereality, as well as to say that DDW is now on Soundcloud. Here’s a mix to inaugurate it, of some favorite songs and artists I’ve had the privilege of sharing here over the last year or so. Thanks to all the artists included. And thanks to Linda Jarvis for the new blog design HF

1. Wizards - Benediction

2. Purity Ring - Ungirthed (pre-order the 7” single out on Transparent)

3. D/R/U/G/S - Diamond Pacific (look out for an upcoming 12” on Tender Age)

4. Holy Other - Blissters (look out for an upcoming EP on Tri Angle)

5. Elite Gymnastics - Is This On Me

6. Drop/Dead - Always Love You

7. Wise Blood - 2 All The Girls Who Have Trusted Me

8. Mean Lady - Rain

9. The Whendays - Namlos

10. Jai Paul - BTSTU (look out for a forthcoming release on XL)

11. Time Wharp - 1992 (get the album from AMDISCS)

12. Chocolate Girl - Bless Me

13. Travellers Of The Great Beyond - Heathen

14. Deptford Goth - Real Love Fantasy